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Go for it

This is a fun and entertaining way to get yourself thinking outside of the box. This book will help you let go of those excuses and just go for it. Shake up your rut, jump the tracks and let your imagination do some freewheeling. By the time that I had finished reading the authors’ ideas to get me off my ass, I came up with a bunch more on my own. A must read for anyone who is having trouble getting motivated or who feels that they are stuck in their life.

~ GAIL SILVER on Amazon

Inspiring and amusing!

Surprisingly thoughtful, non-pedantic strategies for re-framing impulses that lead to procrastination, stagnation and general torpor. Highly recommended for short bursts of inspiration throughout the day.


Pre-Release Feedback

“Some of the ideas in this book are just too intimidating to even ponder. ORGANIZE YOUR DESK? I don’t think so. Fortunately the authors included ideas like “Give Into Greed,” which helped me face this long-standing obstacle, empowering me to finally buy that Ducati Multistrada 1200 motorbike I had denied myself for so long. My patootie may still be planted somewhere, but now it moves at 100 miles per hour.”

FRANK JAMES, Financial Consultant, Ducati Owner

“I’ll probably never do half of the things in this book, but it made me laugh out loud during an unexpected six hour layover in South Dakota, which is no trivial accomplishment.”

ART KAY, Strangely Unrepentant Re-Insurance Specialist

“More advice than you can shake a Tony Robbins at, perhaps it’s not all for every person but as soon as I get back from living with the Inuit, I intend to find out!”

ERIC BROWN, Marketing Consultant and Intrepid Adventurer

“This book underscores the importance of accepting your circumstances and rising above them. You can’t change your past, but you can most definitely be the captain of of your future…thank you to the authors who so soulfully put down on paper what we are too consumed to see.”

PAMELA ACCETTA SMITH, Freelance Writer and Journalist