How Happy? THIS Happy!

In today’s column, am not going to give you any tips for leading a more successful life. Not gonna do it! No top ten skills for organizing your office. No kindhearted help with your relationships. No motivating sayings from today’s top positive thinkers. No spiritual strawberry ice cream. Nope.

I’m just going to wish you a happy, happy Monday!

How happy? I’m glad you asked! Very, very happy. I bet we share a lot of reasons to be happy today. Here are the ones I can think of. Some we can both probably enjoy. Some are personal. But that’s okay, you can borrow some of mine!

The sun came up again!



The women in my life.

In my town, the streetlights are working, the stores are open, and there are a lot of really nice, creative, hardworking people in the coffee shops.

RoosRoast coffee.

Baroque music while you work.

A big, healthy inhale and exhale!



My pal Ian, who keeps pushing me to get interesting work done.

Some challenges that are just a little bit more difficult than I am comfortable with.

The BMW M6 Grand Coupe.


Really good books.

Steelhead fishing with Greg Rose and Jon Kolehouse!

Work that’s engaging, challenging, and that forces me to grow.


Blanched almonds.

And the promise of many more blessings to come! How happy? THIS happy!




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