You Know What Scares Me?

You know what used to scare me? Spiders.

Then I spent some time studying them and learned that they are fascinating, efficient creatures. After enough time passed being interested in spiders instead of avoiding them, they became just another insect.

You know what used to scare me? Bullies.

Then I began studying the martial arts and learned that seemingly dangerous situations can often be diffused. After enough time passed sparring with people a lot bigger and better than me, I grew comfortable within conflict, and the bullies largely vanished.

You know what used to scare me? Doberman Pinschers.

Then I spent time around dogs and learned how their behaviors evolved from being part of a pack. After enough time passed walking dogs and controlling them on a leash, I found myself at ease around them.

You know what scares me now? Forgetting to say no to a new project. Not setting a great example for my daughter when she’s got the energy and brains to do anything. Failing to finish what I started.

Not doing what I say I’m going to do. Overeating.

And failing to leave a mark on the world.


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