Kick Your Ass Idea #145 – The One Millenium Manager?

It is possible in this age of One Year to a Healthier, Happier You, 40 Days to a Joy Filled Life, the Four Hour Workweek, and the The One Minute Manager, to recognize that most real achievement still takes time?

Let’s face it, if you’re going to build a house, you need to install the foundation first, or the whole thing will come tumbling down the first time you throw the aquarium at your girlfriend for eating Ritz Crackers on the ultra-suede couch. It’s not that you can’t get a house faster – you can always buy a “mobile home” or “manufactured home” – but you get out what you put in, and despite what it says in the brochure, they put tornado magnets in those things to keep business moving at a good clip!

Those of us who are focused on personal transformation may sometimes have to step back and recognize that getting people highly charged up about bettering themselves often means ignoring – at least temporarily – the work involved in getting from the couch to the boardroom. There’s a real knack to helping people find the way to achieve their dreams without promising something they can’t realistically expect to achieve.

Real mastery takes time. That’s a reality. At the end of the fist pumping motivational experience, you still have to go back to your office, coffee shop, or dorm room and ORGANIZE your ideas before you can IMPLEMENT them. There’s little personal growth in the comfort zone, and not much comfort in the personal growth zone.

Having said all that, we’re no less excited about the possibilities that can come from hard work and planning. There are new success stories every day, and often the success stories easiest to relate to are the hardest to hear about. No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow your progress, you are still far ahead of everyone who isn’t trying! Let’s remember our thankfulness for the opportunities and great people around us, and let that thankfulness motivate us to keep on the path toward personal victory. The path is quite long – from birth to death if you’re serious about it – but it’s infinitely more rewarding than anything that’s on TV or Youtube.

Now if you’ll excuse me for a minute … my favorite show is on!

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