Why Did The CIA Examine Our Book – And Then Reject It?

Recently a friend told us that they were talking to a friend of theirs in Richmond, Virginia, and mentioned our book. In a rather amazing coincidence – given the fact that it’s far from a best seller, with an Amazon rank of 2,564,013 – their friend said they had just seen the book for sale at a used book store in Richmond. As we pondered how a copy may have ended up in a used book store in Richmond, VA, it was clear to us that there was only one likely answer: the CIA had purchased a copy in Langley, and to cover their tracks they unloaded the suspicious goods in Richmond. We have to admit we’re flattered, I mean, we knew the NSA had read our book, because the NSA reads EVERYTHING, including your email. But frankly, as spooks go, the NSA are rank amateurs compared to the esteemed snoops at the CIA. Has the NSA ever produced a president? No. A restaurant guide (sadly, long out of print)? No. A cool spy plane that bands can be named after? No. Their biggest claim to fame lately is getting hacked by a twenty-something and listening to all my phone calls. The latter of which is probably a decidedly boring activity. So the question remains. Why did the CIA buy a copy of our book, and what did they find so objectionable that they drove 111 miles to rid themselves of the thing? We’ll keep you updated as more (or any) facts become available.

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